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Nervous About The Hot Tin Price?

Tin touched $15,400 a tonne on Thursday, the highest since the middle of June. Focus though is on a large position holder, which has bought tin for delivery in September and sold it for December. Worries are that those who sold to the entity will be caught short. Investors are also worried whether the stock market surge is only a catch-up rally, or is it time to pocket some recent gains in anticipation of turbulence ahead if the economic recovery fizzles? While some analysts say gains are justified given the horrific depths to which indexes sank in March, others are growing nervous.

Tin Tops Trade

For decades the tin market has moved from one crisis to another, and the current world recession is now raising new challenges for all stakeholders in the industry. In the short-term the market is again oversupplied, but in a few years the situation could change dramatically. Though global demand for tin has fallen rapidly to an estimated 350,000 tonnes in 2008, the 15 tin companies listed on the ASX are doing extremely well. Check out an overview.

Active Interest Could Spur Rally

Commodities like tin, rubber and steel could be heading for a short-term rally in the near future bolstered by active buying interest from institutional and fund managers on most major world commodities, dealers said. Manufacturers worldwide were seen building up inventories to take advantage of the current weak US dollar, traders said. The weak greenback makes commodities attractive as a hedge against inflation.

Demand for tin shoots up

It couldn't have come at a better time. Sentiment on the LME metals complex is still trapped between the conflicting signals coming from East and West, resulting in choppy, consolidatory price action. However, downside momentum has stalled across the board with predators now looking for "relative value" plays.

Low prices and creeping demand

Normally, tin doesn't get a lot of attention. The lowly, non glamorous tin is becoming increasingly important however, overtaking lead as the metal of choice in modern electronics soldering, especially after EU regulations requiring lead-free solders was implemented in 2006. In 2006, tin accounted for 50 per cent of solders; in 2007, that market share grew to 52 per cent.

Introduction to Tin Investing

Tin has been experiencing a strong bull market in the last three years. In late 2005, the price of tin was around $6,000/t. Since then, the price has exploded, setting a record high $25,000/t on May 15, 2008. So far this year, the tin price has increased $53.