Eurotin Inc. (CVE:TIN) reports testwork results and update on its Santa Maria tin project.

The press release is quoted as saying,

Summary of Results from the Santa Maria Mini-Bulk Sampling Program for Tin (Sn)

  1. The weighted average grade of the -40mm size fraction was 844g/t Sn. This represents an estimated in situ grade of ~548-559g/t Sn. The Company believes this figure compares favourably* with most of the world’s alluvial tin deposits.
  2. The results also confirmed the Santa Maria tin mineralisation is exceptionally coarse, mostly in the 0.25-8.0mm size range (~70%). As a result, the Company believes high recoveries will be achievable.
  3. The fine grained fraction, representing 27% of the colluvial material tested, contains only 2% of its tin content. This size fraction can be discarded by simple washing techniques with little economic loss.
  4. The vertical distribution of tin mineralisation was less variable than anticipated.
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