Indonesia to Loosen Grip on Tin Market

Indonesia to Loosen Grip on Tin Market

Indonesia has put a tight squeeze on the tin market since it changed regulations surrounding trade of the metal in August 2013. However, the country's government has indicated that could change soon with amendments to last fall’s export rules.

Are Tin Prices Losing Momentum?

The global tin deficit has been going strong since 2010, and it isn't likely to let up any time soon.

Indonesia’s Tin Market Takeover

Indonesia, supplier of more than one-third of the world's tin, has begun to institute new rules to control the tin trade.

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Company News

Iberian Minerals Announces Details of Annual Meeting

Iberian Minerals (TSXV:IML) reported results from its annual and special meeting held on August 27. All resolutions detailed in the notice of the meeting from July 23 were passed.

Iberian Minerals to Undertake Convertible Debenture Financing

Iberian Minerals (TSXV:IML) has announced a non-brokered private placement of convertible debentures. The placement will be in the principal amount of C$350,000, with the debentures maturing on July 31 2015 and bearing interest at the rate of 15 percent per annum.

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Market News

Tin Advances Slightly Amid Weak US Jobs Data

Reuters reported that tin advanced slightly at 0.6% on the LME amid a weak jobs data in the US, which dampened the demand for most metals.

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